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About Us

Road transport has been an undervalued sub-sector in the transportation. Though road transport has done significant help of economy in the disguise of increasing employment opportunities & handling major rise in passenger mobility, still it lacks considerable focus from the authorities. Having insight of this harsh reality, EM-Power Cosmos Private Limited, have stepped in to support this sector. We are serving in Indian business fraternity as a supplier of E-rickshaws. We are thrilled to announce of having served large number of customers in this sector than our old and new counterparts.

Our company is a proud sales as well as service dealer of incredible in operation E-rickshaws. When these rickshaws were introduced, one could only see them on roads for passenger mobility. Now, electronic rickshaws are replacing vehicles such as van, bus, lorry and similar others for different purposes from loading/unloading food and other stuff to transferring or shipping products, small street vendor solutions, etc., for short distance.

Our company has been providing perfectly sourced greener automotive solutions all over markets with extreme focus on customers choices. Our company maintains Close Body E-Cart, Garbage E-Rickshaw, Loader E-Rickshaw, Lightweight Passenger E-Rickshaw, Vegetable E-Cart and a host of others in several capacities and sizes so as to suffice demands of our potential buyers.

We are beaming with pride to see overwhelming response for our products as a trader. Our company has partnered with Gulmohar brand that supports economy with fast, greener and safest transportation solutions at budget-friendly cost. Apart from this, our responsible organization, also provide Solar Rooftop Installation Service and After Sales Services to its customers.

A Prudent Market Choice

Be it for E-rickshaws or solar installation solution, we proudly refer ourselves as a prudent choice in the market for potential customers. There are smaller number of companies which can make this self-claim with complete confidence and we are one of them. Our entity has tied knots with Gulmohar, Raj Automotive and others for remarkably living up to the mark, in terms of customers expectations. We consider every growing need of customer in order to meet it faster than others. Our greener and solar solutions arrive at consumer-friendly cost that leads to their great success in the market. We maintain consistent record of scheduled delivery of products such as Loader E-Rickshaw, Lightweight Passenger E-Rickshaw, Close Body E-Cart, Garbage E-Rickshaw, Vegetable E-Cart and others.

Why Choose EM-Power Cosmos Private Limited?

  • Relaxation in prices
  • Sole distributor and dealer of famous brands
  • Service center at nearest locations
  • Technical expertise in the domain
  • GeM Registered
  • Design customization support
  • Eco-friendly, noise-free e-rickshaw solutions
  • Reliable and efficient solar installation support

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